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# powerpkg

![[Project Status: Retired]](/badge/project_status.svg)


`powerpkg` is a portable package deployment orchestrator that allows Windows administrators to orchestrate software package installations with specific rules and exceptions directly from a target machine.

Similar to Ansible and its playbook functionality, `powerpkg` is controlled by a [configuration file](#package-file-packagexml) that can contain the necessary rules and exceptions to build a package and guarantee a seamless package deployment to an end-user machine via a company's distribution tool of choice, whether that choice is Microsoft SCCM or Ivanti/LANDesk.

*This project was proudly written in PowerShell.*
`powerpkg` is a Windows-exclusive software deployment facilitator for enterprise environments, serving as an installation (or uninstallation) script for individual software packages; with optional actions, conditions and exceptions as core features. It is deliberately designed to use a [configuration file](#package-file-packagexml) model, ensuring a low learning curve, code standardization among every instance, and easy software updates (when available).

## Section

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## Getting Started

To begin test driving powerpkg:
To begin testing powerpkg:

**(1)**: Clone this repository or download it as a ZIP file.