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                |                           |
                |         LIBKOOKIE         |
                |                           |

This is my personal collection of nix expressions.


This repository contains a subtree of nixpkgs, a set of custom
modules, a set of overlays for both custom and patched packages, as
well as root configurations for each of my computers.

libkookie replaces my old kookiepkgs, and nixcfg repos, which are no
longer maintained or used.

- overlays/patches: patches to upstream packages
- overlays/kookie: custom out-of-nixpkgs packages
- ovrelays/staging: packages that aren't part of upstream yet
- nixpkgs: subtree of nixpkgs (follows unstable)
- modules: system configuration modules
- roots: available entry-points (machines)
- ext: possible private extensions

How to use

You can customise a root configuration to fit your use-case more
closely and then use the "build" scrip to build a complete system, and
also switch to a new configuration with -s, which requires root

The custom modules are organised into use-cases, and computer types.
Some things will be in the root of that directory because they are
relevant on both my workstation computers, and servers.  Inside a
primary module there are often sub-modules for individual components
or even classes of components (such as graphics, or hardware).


While this repository is also sometimes mirrored on github, the main
tree lives on sourcehut [1].  You can send patches to me either
directly [2], or to my public-inbox [3], which is a public mailing
list where I post conversations on various subjects, as well as accept
patches on.

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~spacekookie/libkookie
[2]: kookie@spacekookie.de
[3]: https://lists.sr.ht/~spacekookie/public-inbox


The nixpkgs subtree, as well as the package overlays are licensed
under the MIT public license for the best compatibility with upstream
NixOS.  My custom modules and root configurations are licensed under
the GNU Public License 3.0 (or later).