debugedit code
debugedit: Handle DW_MACRO_{define,undef}_strx
debugedit: Track active CU
debug_str_offsets header version and padding are 2 bytes, not 4 bytes


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


The debugedit project provides programs and scripts for creating
debuginfo and source file distributions, collect build-ids and rewrite
source paths in DWARF data for debugging, tracing and profiling.

It is based on code originally from the rpm project plus libiberty and
binutils.  It depends on the elfutils libelf and libdw libraries to
read and write ELF files, DWARF data and build-ids.

The project home is https://sourceware.org/debugedit/


Releases are published at ftp://sourceware.org/pub/debugedit/
Which can also be found at https://sourceware.org/debugedit/ftp/

To build a release do:
  ./configure && make && make check

The current debugedit source code can be checked out with
git clone git://sourceware.org/git/debugedit.git

To build a git checkout do:
  autoreconf -i -f && ./configure && make && make check

There should be no failures after make check.


Please reports bugs at https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/


The developer mailinglist to send patches to is

To subscribe send an email to debugedit-subscribe@sourceware.org
Or use the form at https://sourceware.org/mailman/listinfo/debugedit

Please supply patches using git format-patch or using git send-email.

Sign your work

To facilitate tracking of who did what, we've adopted a "sign-off"
procedure for patches based on the procedure used by the Linux kernel

The sign-off is a simple line at the end of the explanation for the
patch, which certifies that you wrote it or otherwise have the right
to pass it on as a patch under the appropriate licenses. The rules are
pretty simple: if you can certify the below:

        Developer's Certificate of Origin

        By making a contribution to this project, I certify that:

	(a) The contribution was created in whole or in part by me,
	    and I have the right to submit the contribution under each
	    license indicated in, or otherwise designated as being
	    applicable to, the file.

        (b) The contribution was provided directly to me by some other
            person who certified (a), and I have not modified it.

        (c) I understand and agree that the project and the
            contribution are public and that a record of the
            contribution (including all personal information I submit
            with it, including my sign-off) is maintained indefinitely
            and may be redistributed.

then you just add a line saying

Signed-off-by: Random J Developer <random@developer.example.org>

using your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions.)

git commit --signoff will add such a Signed-off-by line at the end of
the commit log message for you.


The debuginfo project as a whole can be redistributed under the GPLv3+
as described in the COPYING3 file.

Some individual source files may also be redistributed under the
GPLv2+ as described in the COPYING file or under the LGPLv2+ as
described in the COPYING.LIB file.  See the headers of the individual
files to learn which licenses apply.  All licenses used are upward
compatible with GPLv3+.