3f8fb69e — Ismael Luceno 18 days ago master
sightsee: Add special case for Github
708443f9 — Ismael Luceno a month ago
sightsee: Add {spell}-{version}-sources[.]... to the regex
5b20c17a — Ismael Luceno a month ago
install: Fix arch-prefixed symlink installation
72af65ed — Ismael Luceno a month ago
install: Add clang to compilers
c4b7e006 — Ismael Luceno 5 months ago
libgpg: Fix LANGUAGE overriding LC_ALL

Fixes: da2b9f84a380 ("libmisc: introduce get_safe_locale and use it in cast, libgpg", 2020-03-18)
Fixes: 496fc22b0037 ("Fix build issues related to non-UTF-8 LC_ALL", 2018-03-10)
Fixes: 7aafabba713f ("libgpg: set LC_ALL=C for commands output of which we parse #14705", 2008-09-02)
bca927a6 — Ismael Luceno 5 months ago
Fix version bumping

- Revert back to parsing tags, but match version tags only
- Add timestamp (from commit date) to snapshots

Fixes: 468486f77bb3 ("Makefile: version bumping for devel")
c8601169 — Ismael Luceno 5 months ago
Makefile: Make filename depend on branch

- Removes the $(shell ...) GNUism.
- Stable releases get called: sorcery-x.y.z.tar.bz2
  (x.y.z comes from etc/sorcery/version)
- Other branches get called: sorcery-${BRANCH}.tar.bz2
468486f7 — Remko van der Vossen 6 months ago
Makefile: version bumping for devel
113a5a7e — Remko van der Vossen 6 months ago
Starting 1.17
3a72b84a — Thomas Orgis 7 months ago
libdepengine: ignore pre_remove and post_remove failures for failure detection

The loop prevention hack guessed wrongly that a pre_remove failure is
serious and hence caused lots of spells being dropped once e.g.
grep was cast, which has a PRE_REMOVE that returns non-zero (something we could
investigate). Sorcery ignores that return value also for post_remove, but
the runtime mechanism still stores the failure reason.

Maybe we should ignore that failure reason log altogether. But I think I
had a reason including it.

We need to rewrite this all ...

This commit also makes the two messages different, adding 'subtly' for the
cases where the spell didn't outright fail but still has a reason (conflicts
is one remaining case which we might want to settle) and listing the
found reasons. This mainly should aid debugging once we get rid of these
cases. Either there is a failure or not, please.
6e5f1e1c — Thomas Orgis 8 months ago
resurrect: fix for symlink on /var/cache/sorcery
80d53a2f — Ismael Luceno 9 months ago
Revert "Implement logging by reusing file descriptors"

This reverts commit e9a142540638bf09792acc31fd8d715e3b59d962.
43e2cd7f — Ismael Luceno 10 months ago
sightsee: Use CODEX_ROOT
8d44d25f — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
libgrimoire: Simplify setting size in mk_source_dir
e9a14254 — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
Implement logging by reusing file descriptors

Avoid opening files, references to /proc/self/fd/ may cause permission
issues when dropping privileges.
9f945742 — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
delve: Fix CHROOT_CMD issue in the last commit

Fixes: 36d011541c3e ("delve: Refactor staged install setup")
36d01154 — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
delve: Refactor staged install setup
09ade572 — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
libtrack: Simplify unmounting of castfs
8094b28e — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
api2: Simplify $STAGED_INSTALL + $HOST check
d0e9a15b — Ismael Luceno 11 months ago
Add support for icecream