d501705a0bf61a056dbe2a16e21a76d3473e3862 — Jaka Kranjc 11 years ago 88e2328
sorcery: only look at spec files when scanning architectures, fixes #438

grep 2.11 changelog:
  grep no longer silently suppresses errors when reading a directory
  as if it were a text file.  For example, "grep x ." now reports a
  read error on most systems; formerly, it ignored the error.
  [bug introduced in grep-2.5]

this exposed a bug, since we were doing exactly that without suppression
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M ChangeLog
M usr/sbin/sorcery
M ChangeLog => ChangeLog +3 -0
@@ 1,3 1,6 @@
2012-08-25 Jaka Kranjc <lynxlynxlynx@sourcemage.org>
	* sorcery: only look at spec files when scanning architectures #438

2012-06-24 Jaka Kranjc <lynxlynxlynx@sourcemage.org>
	* libunpack, libmisc: also detect old style xz archives #347
	* libqueue: renamed two functions for clarity

M usr/sbin/sorcery => usr/sbin/sorcery +1 -1
@@ 685,7 685,7 @@ architecture_menu() {
  # same name), it reverses the output from tac so that the first archspecs
  # found are the last added to the hash table and thus are prefered over
  # ones found later
  for  SPECFILE  in  $(find  $ARCH_SPECS  -not  -name '*~'|tac); do
  for  SPECFILE  in  $(find $ARCH_SPECS -type f -not -name '*~' | tac); do
    if  test -x  "$SPECFILE"   && grep  -q  "CPUNAME"  $SPECFILE; then
      smgl_basename "$SPECFILE" specname
      hash_put archspec_hash $specname $SPECFILE