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2006-11-29 David Brown <dmlb2000@gmail.com>
	* etc/sorcery/compile_config: set DISTCC_DIR env-var
	* etc/sorcery/config: remove installwatch stuff added castfs stuff
	* confmeld: fixed parsing of the path to generate the correct data
	* delve: added transfer and install extras as stages also added
	  chroot checks since delve calls itself during the install stage.
	  stage install is now called transfer so lots of one liners for that
	  also swapped out installwatch checks for castfs checks
	* var/lib/sorcery/build/run_compiler: added export of distcc dir
	* build_api/api2: swapped out installwatch stuff for castfs stuff,
	  stuff includes checks and logfile variables. Also added the install
	  extras and transfer stages to the build process, this includes the
	  default sorcery functions and making the run functions
	* build_api/common: added an old.libraries hack for when we remove
	  important libraries we save them first then library and run paths
	  to find them again. This is here for similar reasons as the old
	  binaries hack above it.
	* libapi: added the new stages for install extras and transfer. Also
	  modified the comment so it reflects the changes made.
	* libcast: swapped out installwatch log for castfs log creation
	* libgrimoire: added some recursive umount checks for deaddir in 
	  rm_source_dir so we don't remove system stuff if there's a bind
	* libsorcery: added !filter syntax for spell filters. The !filter
	  takes presidence over the filter.
	* libspell: added install extras and transfer magic to make sure
	  sorcery calls the new spell files if they exist
	* libstage: swap out installwatch for castfs, this includes changing
	  out invoke devoke and prepare stage root and installwatch functions.
	  Also the installwatch check is now castfs check. The install log is
	  now created from a find of the stage root location instead of parsing
	  installwatch logs.

2006-11-25 Andrew Stitt <astitt@sourcemage.org>
	* scribe: check for tar failure from unpacking, fixes bug 12387