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Thank you for reading the prometheus README file.

You probably want to know how to set yourself up.
So I'll cut to the chase:
vi /etc/prometheus/pm-config ; pm-setup && pm-test forever

You may run prometheus whereever you feel like it, a chroot, in UML, or on
a native system. The scripts assume the look and feel of a real system. So
before you run them, chroot or do whatever you need to in order to get
into the environment you need to be in. In other words, my scripts have
no idea what a chroot is, nor do they care. If you want to use a chrooted
environment chroot there first and then run the scripts (no kidding).

There are two main scripts at the moment that are important:

Get into your environment, whatever that means, and run pm-setup. This
will image the system and put things in place. Try to make sure the system
is in the state you want it to be in before you run pm-setup, repeatedly
running it shouldnt hurt anything, i recommend clearing out the
PMDIR/lists directory before you try this, or at least running pm-update
again if the DO_UPDATES variable is set to 'no'. That way you wont end
up with excluded spells on the casting list...

After that finishes you should edit /etc/prometheus/pm-config
this is where you get to override anything in /etc/pm-config
PASSWORD HERE. There is no default prometheus account, you have to have
your own, this is so we can track bugs down to a user if we need to.

Once the configuration is set how you want it you are ready to go.

pm-test harnesses all the other scripts and makes this whole things
work. You can give it the argument 'once', 'forever', or 'until'. These
are all pretty self explainitory. Once will run through the cycle
once. forever will run forever, and until takes a time after it, which
must be parsable by the date program. prometheus will not start another
cycle after that time. You can also stop the forever or until modes by
touching the file $PMDIR/stop, that will stop prometheus after the
current cycle finishes. Ctrl-C'ing out of prometheus is normally not a
good idea and can cause the next bug report to have extra information
in it from the previous pm-test run.

Now you are probably thinking that you want to use the tinderbox
overnight, well the easy solution is to run pm-test forever as a cron job,
then at some later time touch the stop file. Or

	pm-test until 6:00 am tomorrow

Reporting can be run at runtime after each cycle by turning on the
RUNTIME_REPORT variable (set it to 'yes').  Or you can run pm-report-all
at some other time.

Right now pm-seer (written by Duane Malcom) is being developed. There
is also the old crappy pm-make-report script that I wrote in 30 seconds
as a proof of concept.

I think thats just about it.
email me with questions or read the FAQ