v0.6.0 1 year, 10 months ago

kindleto v0.6.0

Main changes:

* Add support for local files using the file:// URL scheme.
* Unify the certificate management and settings pages.
* Add a link to the site root in the header and footer.

Sotiris Papatheodorou (18):
      Remove out-of-date help from README.md
      Create the homepage URL on startup
      Rename file package to binary
      Export GemtextToHTML
      Fix runtime error on invalid URL
      Restructure finger package
      Allow serving local files
      Manage certificates from settings page
      Serve the settings page before restarting
      Return error for invalid client certificate scope
      Restructure proxy()
      Fix link lines with trailing spaces appearing without descriptions
      Fix finger query parsing
      Rename ansi.go to filter.go
      Rename function parameter
      Filter escape characters from text
      Add link to the site root
      Increment version to v0.6.0