Some explorations of gemini protocol in Racket


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Fafi Browser

An early version running

Fafi is will be a Gemini browser written in Racket. It is early days for this code base and there is much work to be done. At the moment the happy path for loading text/gemini and text/plain is working but I still need to implement the handling of the other status codes and mime types. This begun as just an experiment to calm me during my free hours, now I want to make it into a real gemini browser.

What is gemini protocol?

It is a new protocol that is simple to implement and focused on privacy and low-resource usage. It is somewhere between gopher and the web. You can learn more about it in gemini.circumlunar.space — this is a proxy link


On your terminal:

$ racket main.rkt

Or run main.rkt on DrRacket.

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  • Erkin: For reaching out on Mastodon with a Racket-based Gopher client full of inspiring code for me to look at.
  • Alex HHH: For the marvelous work wiht Racket and the prolific blogging that taught me so much, also for this specific blog post about creating a markdown viewer with Racket from which I stole the basis for gemini-view% widget.
  • m455: For the encouragement in all things Racket.
  • Maleficient: For helping me understand style deltas.
  • Cel: For introducing me to Gemini.