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# tmp - Simple temporary file uploads over SSH

# Synopsis

	... | ssh tmp@tmp.example.com

# Description

tmp is a simple service for temporary file uploads over SSH. The file to
be uploaded is provided to ssh as stdin, and upon successful upload a
link to the file will be put to stdout. On an error, like exceeding a
size limit, a message will be put to stderr.

# Options

A custom time limit can be provided:

@@ 39,12 39,12 @@ By default, a file is given a randomly generated name. Characters in the
name are from the string "abcdefghijkmnpqrstuvwxyz23456789". Letters and
numbers that might cause confusion with others in the set are removed.

# Notes

For guidance on how to install tmp on a server, see

# Bugs

A custom name cannot be provided unless a custom time limit is also
provided. Another way of designing this could have been to use options

@@ 66,7 66,7 @@ cannot be included in any command line input to ```tmp```.

This is still in the design stage. No code has been written yet.

# Copyright

Copyright (C) 2021 Sebastian LaVine <mail@smlavine.com>