src/batinfo: Filter out 0% batteries

In my experience, these are things like my wireless mouse/keyboard that
are counted like this, and replace the main battery. Besides, at least
in theory, if the battery's at 0% this info won't be of any use.
Add -b option to dh
batinfo: Filter out "Unknown" info sources
Revert "batinfo: Filter out "Unknown"/invalid-type lines"

This reverts commit 82243eb7ce768e55871e2075610d9c4532033115.

This behavior reverts to just printing info about "Battery 0". The
approach I wrote in the last commit had a problem where it would hang on
"Not charging" inputs or similar when disconnecting/reconnecting to

A better solution is desired, perhaps no longer depending on this CLI
batinfo: Filter out "Unknown"/invalid-type lines

Now, we loop to find the first Charging/Discharging/Full line.

This might have the side effect that, since a "full" battery will often
appear as "Unknown" at 99%. So now a "?" will just be shown.
watchyt: Remove argument guard

Unnecessary and breaks -c. There is a dmenu call later on with similar
Fix shoot syntax
src/vol: Don't display both left/right when they're equal
vol: Remove hello
src/vol: Fix argument check
Restyle scripts to use `new` style of help/option parsing
new: Change default illegal argument message

This message can also cover the case where *too many* arguments are
Remove lcg

I don't use this anymore since running `catgirl` on my VPS and
connecting via mosh.
rs: Add "full" alias for "on"
src/rs: Add 'mid' option, add subcommands, reogranize
Finish new

This uses the new documentation style and actually writes to the
location of the new script.
Update documentation style

This will make it easier to use the source file's doucmentation header
block for user-facing documentation. See ./new.
src/lichessgames: Remove vestigial junk lastscreenshot comment
src/lastscreenshot: Remove nonsense from description