src/mypassmenu: Sort passwords by weight
src/mypassmenu: Remove the subshell by improving find and sed usage
src/mypassmenu: Address SC2185: Some finds don't have a default

src/mypassmenu: Split Description at 72 characters
Add download script

I first wrote this script for use in my RIT CSAPX class Labs repository,
but I think it is useful enough to have globally.
src/touch-menu: Document issue
src/touch-menu: Add 'Toggle' rotation option
src/touch-menu: Exit with error on invalid rotation
src/touch-menu: Pass on remaining arguments to rotate_screen

Now, the screen could be automatically rotated with a call like this:

	touch-menu 'Rotate Screen' 'inverted'
src/touch-menu: Enable interaction with arguments, not just dmenu

This allows for touch-menu to be invoked through a script.
src/touch-menu: Join needlessly split dmenu call
src/touch-menu: Disable shellcheck for quoting matrix variables
touch-menu: Change matrix of Pen Eraser as well when rotating screen
lcg: Add -c option to tabbed
watchyt: Fix ytsearch URL
lcg: Add comment about EX_UNAVAILABLE exit code
watchyt: On error, display error message with dunstify
watchyt: Remove extra space from command execution
todo: Support multi-paragraph descriptions
todo: Fetch URLs with only one curl call

Depending on the amount/length of tickets in the tracker being
requested, this can shave off as much as a few seconds.