src/mypassmenu: Add options
src/weather: Use network UUIDs instead of SSIDs

Using UUIDs is more robust because it avoids the (unlikely) possibility
of a name collision.

This commit also changes how we call nmcli to obtain this information.
We now use the -g option, which is explicitly tailored to use in scripts
and removes the need for a sed call to filter out the header.

The unnecessary cut call (we're already using awk!) was removed.

The use of e.g. was corrected to i.e.

Note that this is a BREAKING change; you will need to either delete your
weather.tsv and let the script find your network connections again, or
manually convert the SSIDs to UUIDs yourself.
src/mypassmenu: Update copyright year
src/mypassmenu: Undocument weight file comments

I didn't use them anyway.
src/mypassmenu: Reword comment explaining weight file updating
src/mypassmenu: Rename entries and entry variables
src/touch-menu: Check for pen input before rotating screen

If the pen or eraser is not found, then the user (probably just) hasn't
touched it to the screen yet in this X session. This check addresses the
annoying situation where I flip the screen, then for the first time in
the session use the touch pen, which is misaligned, making me waste time
rotating the screen over again.
src/touch-menu: Reword xinput comment
src/touch-menu: Iterate over devices instead of repeating code
Remove display-todo

I don't use this anymore.
Remove todo

This functionality is better implemented by hut[0].

[0]: https://sr.ht/~emersion/hut
src/weather: Filter for only the wifi connection
src/weather: Put location in temp file name

This makes it possible to see the location for the weather being seen in
src/weather: Fix no newline after weather.tsv entries
src/weather: Remove non-standard function keyword
src/mypassmenu: Document bug
src/mykill: Remove extra space
src/lastscreenshot: Document variable amt in usage statement
src/lastscreenshot: Add usage function