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navipage v0.8.0

Many, many changes in this release! It features a RECORD three (3)
contributors. In this release, more was removed than added (always a
good sign), and like the last two releases, it focuses primarily on
increasing the readability and maintainability of the code. However, it
also includes many improvements to the documentation, as well as a new
feature: line numbers can now be toggled with the -n option, or with the
'N' keybinding.

I also created a todo tracker for this project during the development of
this release. It can be found at:


You can see on that tracker the additions that are being targetted for
the 0.9.0 release.

As mentioned above, this release features the contributions of not only
myself but also the irreplaceable sabinprj and the incandescent Ariadna
Vigo. Many thanks to you both for your help and interest in the project!
More eyeballs are always good, as evidenced by sabinprj's catch of a
nasty use-after-free bug.

In the following shortlog, commits of particular interest/importance/
something-that-I-probably-spent-too-much-time-on are marked with a ***.

Sebastian LaVine (50):
      Add extra <>s around links to be rendered in sr.ht
      Ignore output binary
      Don't handle SIGSEGV
      Remove explicit zeroing of some flags in main()
      Reorganize and better document argc/argv shift
      Re-add function prototypes comment
      Declare const pointers with no space between * and const
      Remove example.sh
  *** Attempt `man ./navipage.1` in info()
      Mention the man page in README.md
      Simplify $NAVIPAGE_SH invocation
      Revert "Define OPTSTRING as a constant in config.mk"
      Remove optstring variable, use static string instead
  *** Add -n option and 'N' binding to toggle line numbers
      Print version info separately from usage info
      Use puts(3) instead of fputs(3) in usage()
  *** Properly uninstall the man page
      Pass size directly to malloc() without setting newpathlen
      Fix typo
  *** Add '-fsanitize=address' to DEBUGFLAGS
      Reorganize execute_command()
      Simplify execute_command() output and color
      Simplify info()
      Remove vestigial SIGSEGV case
      Use sigaction() instead of signal()
      Define and use URL constant
      Change Buffer length element from size_t to long
      Simplify init_buffer()
      Improve scroll()
      Mention scroll() in `top` comment
      Add some newlines
      Define USAGE with '#define', move string constants to top of file
      Remove errsv variables and just use errno
      Use early exit on error in directory check in add_path()
      Decrease verbosity of comments
      Add navipage-ignore to .gitignore
      Add some TODOs
  *** Use identifiers, not types, with sizeof
      Condense assignments into if-statement conditions
      Assign argv0 at the top of main()
      Add a comment to sigaction() calls
      Replace argv[0] with argv0 in sigaction() block
      Use exit(), not return, in sigaction() block
      Call update_rows() immediately before display_buffer()
      Move filel initializations to later in main()
  *** Remove braces from ifs and loops with only one statement
      Limit scope of linelen and eolptr
  *** Remove "Press 'i' for help." from status bar
      Clarify returns at the end of main()
      Bump the version to 0.8.0

sabinprj (3):
      Remove trailing white spaces
      Flatten if...else if...else statements to a series of if statements
  *** Fix use-after-free bug seen due to misplaced strcmp()

Ariadna Vigo (1):
  *** Compile navipage targeting C99 instead of ANSI C

 .gitignore |   2 +
 Makefile   |   5 +-
 README.md  |  14 +-
 config.mk  |  12 +-
 example.sh |  27 ---
 main.c     | 577 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
            |     --------------------------------
 navipage.1 |  11 +-
 7 files changed, 320 insertions(+), 328 deletions(-)

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navipage v0.7.0

In this release, more quality-of-life changes in the vein of v0.6.0 were
made. The two biggest changes are dede977(Switch from -std=c99 to -ansi,
2021-06-21) and 3210133(Define OPTSTRING as a constant in config.mk,

Sebastian LaVine (16):
      Make improvements to cmpfilestring()
      Give 'enum states' a more accurate name
      Improve various comments in main()
      Remove unnecessary filel.amt check in NAVIPAGE_DIR branch
      Change -pedantic flag to -Wpedantic
      Change quit(int n) to quit(int code)
      Use early exit instead of else branch in scroll()
      Improve const correctness
      Update rogueutil.h
      Switch from -std=c99 to -ansi
      Comply with ANSI C
      Make clear why the apache license is here
      Remove '#include <getopt.h>'
      Define OPTSTRING as a constant in config.mk
      Make README.md document different things than the man page
      Bump the version to 0.7.0

0.6.0 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

navipage v0.6.0

While this release does not contain any new features, it makes many
improvements to the quality and maintainability of the code.

Sebastian LaVine (17):
      Replace mentions of Github to sr.ht
      Fix link to mailing list
      Read env vars with getenv() instead of an environ loop
      Move argc/argv reset to immediately after option handling
      Pass flags.recurse_more directly instead of a ternary
      Remove 'else' that was unnecessary due to early exit
      Use putchar('\n') instead of puts("") to print a newline
      Remove unnecessary function prototypes comment
      Rewrite outofmem() as a function, not a macro
      Remove additional spaces no longer needed for alignment
      Remove inaccurate "To be"; it is!
      Fix wrong tense
      Rewrite add_file() checks to use early exits
      Split add_file() into add_path() and add_directory()
      Follow flags.recurse_more on all argument paths
      Fold and split lines that would otherwise cross the 80 character limit
      Bump the version to 0.6.0 1 year, 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

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navipage version

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navipage version 0.5.7

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