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Improve comment spacing in $NAVIPAGE_SH example
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M navipage.1
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@@ 112,17 112,15 @@ Execute a command with sh.

# This is an example of what your $NAVIPAGE_SH could look like.

# Compares the files stored on a server with the files stored locally. Any
# files that are found only once (and are therefore only on the server) are
# formatted into a list and copied with scp.

# On my own server, there is a user that runs omnavi on a cronjob every
# morning. A variation on this script is how I get updates on my own machine
# every day.

# Of course, you can just as well run Omnavi on your own local machine, but I
# like getting the update automatically every morning without having to wait
# the five minutes or so it takes for it to run. Also, I used to read my new