Add title, link to testing-go-queues
Set start to ROUTE before looping through predecessors

It is more clear to start with a special case `steps = 1` than to end
with a special case `steps++`.
Spell don't correctly
Reword README.md, add LICENSE
Implement Solve() and rest of command-line options
Fix bad col assignment bug

With the range, col would be the column of the line of text, not of the
maze. Silly mistake.
Use col and cols as field names instead of column and columns
Rewrite Tile as a struct

This will be useful when implementing Solve().
Fix undefined in, out, err
Parse command-line flags, read input files
Render the maze
Remove empty line
Use idiomatic variable name (no _)
Add documentation
Remove old function
Add Maze type fundamentals
Count density of ones and zeroes
Implement mazegenerator
Ignore output binaries