Small error-printing library written in C
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err :)

err is a small error-printing library. It can be used by projects written in any major version of C or C++.

See the website for API documentation and examples.

#Using err

The easiest way to use err is to copy err.c and err.h into your project. You can download the latest version of err from

Alternatively, you may wish to import err as a git subtree:

git subtree --squash -P err/ add https://git.sr.ht/~smlavine/err 2.0.0

#include "err.h" in files where you want to use err functions.

Be sure to assign a value to program_invocation_name before calling any err functions.

Subscribe to the err-announce mailing list to be informed of updates to the library.

#Generating documentation

err uses Doxygen to generate documentation. To compile the documentation into HTML, run doxygen. The generated files will be put into the site/ directory.

Copyright (C) 2021-2022 Sebastian LaVine mail@smlavine.com

Licensed under the MPLv2. See LICENSE.