dots/src/.config/nvim/init.vim -rw-r--r-- 4.0 KiB
src/.config/nvim/init.vim: Change MatchParen colors
Set neovim indent values each on their own line
src/.config/nvim/init.vim: Set softtabstop=8
.config/nvim/init.vim: Add indentation rules for Python
.config/nvim/init.vim: Indent html and css with spaces
.config/nvim/init.vim: Remove newline

This makes clearer the relation between these two sections of code.
.config/nvim/init.vim: Remove old commented-out code
.config/nvim/init.vim: Remove `set softtabstop=8`

    This created annoyances where pressing backspace would delete more than
    one whitespace character, even in strings, when I only wanted to delete

    Over the coming days and weeks, I may be going over a lot of what is in
    this file, as a lot if it is copy-pasted from various sources, and
    hasn't really been looked at that much. I will see if things are still
    necessary, or if I may prefer them a different way now that I've learned
    more about the way I like my system since when lots of this file was
    first written.
.config/nvim/init.vim: Center window when viewing search results
Organize dotfiles in src/ as if it were $HOME

This will make it easier to automatically install all the dot files at
once, without also accidentally installing the README.md and other
nvim/init.vim: Make tabs 8 spaces wide and use them by default
nvim/init.vim: Automatically set ColorColumn to 72 in Markdown files
nvim/init.vim: Add automatic .md to .pdf previews
nvim/init.vim: Move nnoremaps to one section
nvim/init.vim: Remove leading whitespace
nvim/init.vim: Add ToggleColumnWidth()
nvim/init.vim: Add a proper copyright and cringy lettering header
nvim/init.vim: Re-document SetupCommandAlias
nvim/init.vim: Remove unused capitalization bindings
nvim/init.vim: Add alias for "WQ"