.xinitrc: Use SMLSS_DATA_DIR environment variable
Remove old SMLSS_DIR environment variable
Add missing dunst start
.xinitrc: Condense while loop syntax
Merge branch 'openbox'

This branch adds support for the openbox WM in addition to dwm, though
dwm is still the default. It also adds a few optional QoL changes meant
for a desktop experience.
Import recent hare.vim changes
Import recent hare.vim changes
Merge branch 'master' into openbox
.xinitrc: Limit desktop resolution to 2048x1152
Make default WM dwm
Add mypassmenu .desktop file
bash: Add gri alias
aerc: Add :read binding
Openbox: Add tint2conf to system menu
src/.xinitrc: Add new WM environment variable

So I am still able to use dwm reasonably comfortably on a primarily
openbox machine.
Openbox: Remove "Manage Printers" menu item
Move tint2 from autostart to .xinitrc

The autostart script wasn't executing because I was execing openbox
instead of openbox-session. Invoking openbox-session seems to mess with
my X background, so I am now just invoking tint2 from .xinitrc instead.
openbox/menu.xml: Add streamlink-twitch-gui
Add tint2 to openbox autostart
Import openbox autostart