Remove TERM override
Revert gl changes, add glf instead
Add --format=fuller to git log alias
Revert "Revert "Revert "Abolish Christmas"""

This reverts commit 079d9687a6817c1aff8088c000c41663af9f3ea3.
aerc: Add `*.normal = true` to custom styleset

This fixes the problem I've been having since 0.16.0 where my cursor is
sqliterc: Use .mode box
Add .config/sqlite3/sqliterc
aliases: Add gg
.xinitrc: Explicitly check for openbox on launching tint2

I will not want tint2 on other "window managers", for example
.xinitrc: Remove dockd

I no longer use dockd or a dock.
.xinitrc: Generalize disabling finger input

This should now work with other input devices that are named similarly;
I am adding this as I am now using a Thinkpad X13 Yoga gen-3 that has
the input device called "Wacom HID 5284 Finger".
aliases: Use xargs more concisely in gpa
aerc: Add Flagged, Sender filters
Enable more aerc filters
Update aerc filters
Add etc/sudoers.d/smlss

This should be manually copied upon installation of a new Arch system.
Update some of aerc.conf
Update aerc.conf

index-format and dirlist-format has been deprecated.