Fix 2.0a update versioning

pacman(8) and vercmp(8) believes that 2.0a < 2.0. For this reason, we
need a bit of a bodge for pacman/yay/what-have-you to recognize this as
a new version.

This approach was recommended by the maintainer, june, and by Betal
of #archlinux-aur on libera.chat.
Update pkgrel in .SRCINFO
Install manuals to correct directory

Signed-off-by: Sebastian LaVine <mail@smlavine.com>
92a9c127 — lillian rose winter 2 years ago
update to 1.8
update to 1.7
update to 1.6
update to 1.5
update to 1.3
10958f56 — Evan McCarthy 3 years ago
Update to 1.2
44fd81fa — Evan McCarthy 3 years ago
Add catgirl to the AUR