Mention jo yoinkage
Query repository IDs on the fly

This will make it easier to add new repositories in the future.
Add -Ss flags to acurl
Remove displaying mutation to stderr
Loop over repository IDs

This makes it trivially easy to add more repositories in the future.

Note the /proc/self/fd/2 workaround for /dev/stderr; hopefully this will
be fixed on builds.sr.ht in the future. /dev/stderr is present on the
two other images I tried, archlinux and openbsd. See possible relevant
StackOverflow answer[0].

[0]: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/38580
Use jo instead of jq to generate graphql query
Align curly brace
Make reference an autolink
Substitute correct end tag syntax
Link to sr.ht page in top heading

This provides a way to get to the main project from constituent git
Bump down heading levels

sourcehut renders level one markdown headings as <h2>, level two as
<h3>, etc. We need to correct for that here, so that our README looks
the same as others on the site.
Send an email only on failure
set -o pipefail in tasks with pipes
Print generated files to stdout

So that they can be seen/checked in the build log.
Remove outdated mistletoe comment
Separate out tasks
Remove unnecessary -t cmark option
Use correct colon instead of comma
Use cmark instead of mistletoe

They both are compliant with CommonMark, and therefore produce the same
output. cmark is easier to use in this context because it is packaged in
the alpine repositories.