Disable foldcolumn indicator
Revert "Disable nvim-dap"

This reverts commit e5d4d631a5de7a57c349967bb10adc7cd8c07862.

See previous commit.
Disable codelens

I don't use it and it clutters the interface.

I incorrectly diagnosed this as coming from nvim-dap; see previous
Disable nvim-dap

I don't use this functionality and it clutters my files.
Add buffer realignment mappings
Disable nvim-cmp documentation window
Document Makefile
Re-add old init.vim

This was present in my old AstroNvim configuration.
Make comments more visible in dracula theme

This makes it a /lot/ easier to read comments in low light/blue-light
filter environments.
Remove Snippet suggestion from nvim_lsp
Re-add tilde duck
De-prioritize luasnip source for completions
Add colorscheme, third-party plugins
Disable format on save for C/C++
init.lua: LSP reformatting
Add custom options from old configuration
Enable line wrap
Disable Nerd Fonts
options.lua: LSP reformatting
Add simple deployment Makefile