8e9951def79d602000fec0db84f7e5a8d9ca605b — Sebastian LaVine 4 months ago e5d4d63
Disable codelens

I don't use it and it clutters the interface.

I incorrectly diagnosed this as coming from nvim-dap; see previous
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M options.lua
M options.lua => options.lua +1 -0
@@ 27,6 27,7 @@ return {
    diagnostics_mode = 3,            -- set the visibility of diagnostics in the UI (0=off, 1=only show in status line, 2=virtual text off, 3=all on)
    icons_enabled = false,           -- disable icons in the UI (disable if no nerd font is available, requires :PackerSync after changing)
    ui_notifications_enabled = true, -- disable notifications when toggling UI elements
    codelens_enabled = false,
-- If you need more control, you can use the function()...end notation