play(): Always return the number of lives left
Order variables by first usage
Replace buffer_len with sizeof(buffer) / sizeof(*buffer)
Rename LICENSE.rogueutil to apache.txt
Simplify showMessage(), use standard vsnprintf(3)
Remove typedefs
Use heap allocation instead of arrays
Remove unnecessary comments
Declare nextX and nextY on the same line
Replace //-style comments with /* */-style
Improve Makefile
Flush output in showMessage

This caused welcome and game over messages to not appear until pressing
a key for some reason.
Fix switch fallthrough
Remove rogueutil comment

This comment was added to provide context to the grader of my AP
Portfolio project, but it is no longer necessary.
Change 'with' to 'about'
Use the past tense
Expand upon README.md

This includes a better introduction, build instructions, copyright info,
and a pointer to the sr.ht project.
Add LICENSE.rogueutil

This is a copy of the Apache License, v2.0. It is the license under
which rogueutil is made available. To not distribute it with this
program is an infringement of its terms.
Make the title in README.md lowercase