add metadata tests
add a bunch of failing tests
Don't show test successes (for now)
Change AST pretty-print depth to 99
add tests for multiline code and lists
Add readme and MIT license
styled multiline quotes, with correct newline to space conversion
remove unused testament dependency
add new tests, with custom test library
commiting old tests
styled quotes
refactor: unwrap do in paragraph function
Better error messages on unknown elements
reflect translate.janet -> main.janet name change in project.janet
Strip trailing space from pargraphs at parse-time

Because each \n in the paragraph is replaced with " " a trailing space
is added. The new paragraph function strips this. There is probably a
more elegant solution
Rename binary to typeup

Tup (http://gittup.org/tup/) is important enough that we don't want to
clobber it. tup as a file extension is unused by Tup, so it's kept
move parse function to new lib file
TODOs, cleanups