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@@ 9,19 9,25 @@ feef is not yet stable. Your mileage may vary as RSS can be very different acros
# examples

# Open a random item
feef -f '{{.Link}}' | shuf -n1 | xargs $BROWSER
# Print the links of the 10 newest items (newest to oldest)
feef -f '{{.Link}}' -s -m 10
# Show me the links of items with titles containing Genode on Lobsters
feef -f '{{.Link}}' -u '~lobsters' -i 'Title contains "Genode"'
# Notify me of new items with notify-send
feef -n new -c "notify-send '{{.Feed.Title}}' '{{.Title}}'" -f '{{.Link}}'
feef -n new -c "notify-send '{{.Feed.Title}}' '{{.Title}}'" -f ''
# Download the 10 newest items of the Lingthusiasm podcast
feef -s -m 10 -c "wget -nc -O '{{slug .Title}}.mp3' '{{(index .Enclosures 0).URL}}' || echo {{.Title}} already downloaded" -u 'https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:237055046/sounds.rss'

Additionaly, the `feef-read` script in this repository is a fzf-based feed reader.

# rationale

+ I needed a tool for downloading podcast episodes, and I'm not happy `grep`ping raw XML or manually copy-pasting links
+ I want to be notified of new items automatically
+ I got annoyed with newsboat's UI. Read/unread was just an annoyance for me (I'm not reading every post on Reddit). The simple [feef-read](https://git.sr.ht/~skuzzymiglet/feef/tree/master/item/feef-read) script in this repo allows you to see everything at a glance, without visual clutter.
+ I want to be notified of new items automatically rather than polling newsboat
+ I found read/unread to be clutter, since I don't want to read every new item. `feef` doesn't track whether you read an item or not.

# installation

@@ 37,6 43,28 @@ Note you don't need a URLs file if you provide an exact URL to query

Running `feef` with no options will print the GUID of every item of every feed in your URLs file.

## tldr

Usage of feef:
      --cpu-profile                 record CPU profile
  -p, --download-threads int        maximum number of concurrent downloads (default 4)
  -c, --exec string                 execute command template for each item
  -e, --exit-on-failed-command      exit if a command (-c) fails
  -h, --help                        print help and exit
  -i, --item-matcher string         expression to match feed items (default "true")
  -l, --loglevel string             log level (default "info")
  -m, --max int                     maximum items to output, 0 for no limit
      --memory-profile              record memory profile
  -n, --notify-mode string          notification mode (none, new or all) (default "none")
  -r, --notify-poll-time duration   time between feed refreshes in notification mode (default 2m0s)
  -s, --sort                        sort feed items chronologically, newest to oldest
  -f, --template string             output template for each feed item (default "{{.GUID}}")
  -t, --timeout duration            feed-fetching timeout (default 5s)
  -U, --url-file string             file with newline delimited URLs (default "/home/skuzzymiglet/.config/feef/urls")
  -u, --url-spec strings            List of URLs or URL patterns to match against the URLs file (prefixes: / for regexp, ~ for fuzzy match, ? for glob) (default [~])

## URL matching

Use `-u` to specify an URL. You can use exact URL, or prefix with these symbols:

@@ 118,4 146,4 @@ Bugs and TODOs are noted in comments near the relevant code. A quick `rg TODO` s
+ Logging and loglevel separation need work
+ A way to work feed-wise is needed. Currently you can't retrieve info about a feed
+ Libify the logic
+ Provide more info to expr filters
+ Provide more information to filters