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# examples

feef -f '{{.Link}}' -u '~lobsters' -i 'Title contains "Genode"'
feef -n new -c "notify-send '{{.Feed.Title}}' '{{.Title}}'" -f '{{.Link}}'
feef -f '{{.Link}}' -u '~lobsters' -i 'Title contains "Genode"' # Show me the links of items with titles containing Genode on Lobsters
feef -n new -c "notify-send '{{.Feed.Title}}' '{{.Title}}'" -f '{{.Link}}' # Notify me of new items with notify-send
feef -s -m 10 -c "wget -nc -O '{{slug .Title}}.mp3' '{{(index .Enclosures 0).URL}}' || echo {{.Title}} already downloaded" -u 'https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:237055046/sounds.rss' # Download the 10 newest items of the Lingthusiasm podcast

# UI

@@ 104,3 105,12 @@ feef-read binds these keys:
+ `ctrl-d`: downloads the item's `Link` using `wget` or the `$DOWNLOADER` environment variable

feef-read also notifies you of new items using `notify-send`


Bugs and TODOs are noted in comments near the relevant code. A quick `rg TODO` should work. Major ones are listed here:

+ Logging and loglevel separation need work
+ A way to work feed-wise is needed. Currently you can't retrieve info about a feed
+ Libify the logic
+ Provide more info to expr filters