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@@ 41,7 41,7 @@ Another cool inclusion of my website, is any changes that are pushed to the
upstream are pulled and the website rebuilt.
If you are interested in more more in depth explanation of the setup, you can
read this <a href=https://blog.skiqqy.xyz/new-vs-old/ target=blank_>post</a>,
read this <a href="https://blog.skiqqy.xyz/book/20200914-New-vs-Old.html" target=blank_>post</a>,
as well as <a href=https://blog.skiqqy.xyz/nginxd/ target=blank_>this one</a>.

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@@ 99,23 99,23 @@ Portals:
<a href=https://sr.ht/~skiqqy/>SourceHut (Main)</a>
<a href=https://github.com/skiqqy>GitHub (Mirrors)</a>
<a href=https://git.skiqqy.xyz/>Local Git Server</a>
<a href=https://git.skiqqy.xyz/>Self Hosted</a>

<a href=https://blog.skiqqy.xyz>Blog</a>
<a href=/site/setup.html>Setup</a>
<a href=/site/projects.html>Projects</a>
<a href=/site/scripts.html>Scripts</a>
<a href=/site/hobbies.html>Hobbies</a>
<a href=https://hub.docker.com/u/skiqqy>Docker</a>
<a href=/site/setup.html>My Setup</a>
<!--<a href=/site/projects.html>Projects</a>-->

Other Hosted Services:
<a href=https://social.skiqqy.xyz/>Pleroma Instance</a>
<a href=https://wiki.skiqqy.xyz/site>Wiki</a>
<!--a href=https://social.skiqqy.xyz/>Pleroma Instance</a-->
<!--<a href=https://files.skiqqy.xyz/>Files</a>-->
<!--<a href=https://proj.skiqqy.xyz/>Projects Home</a>-->
<!--<a href=https://irc.skiqqy.xyz/>IRC Webclient</a>-->

<!---<img src="/assets/linux.gif" alt="" moz-do-not-send="true" width="88" border="0" height="31">-->

@@ 125,6 125,7 @@ Other Hosted Services:
<a href="https://git.sr.ht/~skiqqy/skiqqy.xyz">Page Source</a>
<img class=gif src="/assets/linux.gif">
<a href="https://redxen.eu"><img class=gif src="/assets/redxen.gif" alt=""></a>

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Stephen Cochrane
Phone: +27 83 747 6538
Email: dev.skiqqy@gmail.com
Twitter: @posix_patrol

@@ 39,11 37,11 @@ me) and managed by myself.
tab(;) allbox;
l l l.
 Language;Experience;Level [1-10]
 C;4 Years;8
 Java;4 Years;8
 C;5+ Years;8
 Java;5+ Years;8
 Python;2 Years;7
 Bash;4 Years;10
 POSIX sh;4 Years;9
 Bash;5+ Years;8
 POSIX sh;4 Years;8
 Scala;1 Year;4
 C++;1 Year;5

@@ 51,7 49,7 @@ l l l.
tab(;) allbox;
l l l.
 Technology;Experience;Level [1-10]
 Git;4+ Years;9
 Git;4+ Years;8
 Docker;3 Years;7
 Postgres (RDMS);1 Year;6
 GNU Core Utils (grep, sed, etc);4+ Years;8

@@ 71,7 69,7 @@ l l l.
.SS iPay (Pty) Ltd (1st Septemper 2021 til Current)
\(bu Position: Software Developer
\(bu Duration: 9 Months
\(bu Duration: 1 Year, 6 Months
.SS At/for Stellenbosch University
I have tutored and or demi'd multiple courses for SU, those including,

@@ 116,6 114,11 @@ and details on them can be found at
.I https://blog.skiqqy.xyz/shell/
.SS Current Projects
The most up to date place where you can see any current (opensource) projects I
am working on is on my sourcehut page. Which can be found here:
.I https://sr.ht/~skiqqy/

@@ 135,17 138,9 @@ java, there are plans to extend cmesg to also support VoIP.
cmesg is hosted at
.I https://github.com/skiqqy/cmesg
A simple discord bot written in python, plans to extend it to play music, host
files etc.
C45DiscordBot is hosted at
.I https://github.com/skiqqy/C45DiscordBot
For a full list of my projects, one can find a list at
Also see
.I https://skiqqy.xyz/site/projects.html
\(bu Springbok Scout