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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This is my website, which is hosted here.


There are two approaches

$ make # Build everything.


$ make demo # Builds everything with injected warning text.

#Static site

$ make build

#Web Pages

In the current iteration, to add a new page to the website create a raw/<file>.txt, this will generate an html file placed in site/<file>.html. For examples look inside raw/. This file uses a custom markup called skup (skiqqy markup) that has the following features.


Wrap text/skup/html in a block, please note the . that terminates the title as well as the EBLOCK that terminates the block.

SBLOCK. <Title>

This will generate html that looks something like the following.

|                                    |
|              <Title>               |
|                                    |
|         <text/skup/html>           |
|                                    |

To force a newline simply use \\ (just like LaTeX).

To add a link use

a/name.domain/<your link name>/

This will create a hyperlink with the text <your link name pointing to name.domain

#Static Blog

The goal of this website is to serve 'static' content that gets updated through scripts, this is to reduce bloat, and to ensure a fast website. To create the 'full' website, it is important to first run,

$ make blog

as this will create blog posts from the files found in blogs/RawBlogs, and and setup all the links and stuff for them, these blog files are written with a custom markup lanuage with very simple markups, Currently there are the following:


Normal Text Goes Here.


Block Text Goes here.

(1) Will generate:

Normal Text Goes Here.

(2) Will generate:

|                          |
|   Block Text Goes Here   |
|                          |