A socket based message passing library
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ctagd is a tag based message passing interface over sockets (MPIS for short).


ctagd works by having a master program (also called a server) and communicates with several slave programs (also called clients).

Currently there are two modes: The first is a queue based mode where each tagged message gets put in its own queue, in this mode the server has a thread for each client and recvs messages and puts the messages into a queue (based on thier tags). Similarly the client has its own queue and thread that does the same.

The second mode is just a simple fifo read from the socket, that is you specify which socket you wish to read from and then read the first message from the socket.

TODO: write better documentation on the features of ctagd and how to use them.


To just build the object file, run:

$ make build

If you want to build the library, then run:

$ make lib

Note when including this library in your own project it is important to link threads (like so -lpthread) when compiling.




$ make tests

The above will compile and run the tests (WIP).