My dotties
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Tidy up vimrc, prep for v2 of dotties
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Improvment to ctrp, only searchs for tracked files if in root of git repository
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Basically a rewrite of my vimrc


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


builds.sr.ht status

My setups used for my raspberry pi's/ VM's etc


Clone the repo in your desired location, then follow the instructions below, note it is normal if it looks fozen when vim starts downloading plugins, simply wait for the install to finish (depending on your internet speed, max 30 seconds for all the plugins to be downloaded).

  • To install everything (vim, bash, zsh)
$ make

  • To just install vim configs,
$ make vim

  • To just install bash configs,
$ make bash

  • To just install zsh configs,
$ make zsh

#Installing Custom

You can further customize the configs, by using c<target> during installation, examples are show below,

  • install everything + a custom bash config,
$ make all cbash
  • just install bash configs, and customize it,
$ make bash cbash

  • Alternatively, you can run the following, which also installs my tmux configs at the same time (for this method sudo is needed as dependencies are installed which require root access).
$ bash <(curl -s https://skiqqy.xyz/install.sh)


  • vim:

    • if there are [?] glyphs you must then change your terminal font to one of the installed powerline fonts, I personally use 'hack'.
  • bash:

    • The prompt is setup like so: [<name>@<hostname>] -[git-status 'flag']-> [<time>] <pwd>
    • name -> your username.
    • hostname -> your hostname.
    • [git-status 'flag'] -> is only present when inside a repository, and instead of 'git-status' it displays the current branch, and has flags present based on the repo status, specifically,
      • ! -> File(s) has been modified/ is unstaged.
      • ? -> File(s) is not being tracking.
      • + -> File(s) have been added to be tracked.
      • > -> File(s) have been renamed.
      • x -> File(s) have stopped being tracked (ie deleted from repo).
      • * -> Commits have not been pushed.
    • Note, these 'flags' can be grouped, an example is show:
      • user@pc[master !?]23:28~/repo1 -> In order of flag appearence, on 'master' branch, modified/unstaged file, and an untracked file.
      • user@pc[test_branch x+?*]23:28~/repo2 -> In order of flag appearence, on 'test_branch', with a file has been untracked/ deleted, a file that has been tracked, an untracked file, and commits that have not been pushed.
    • pwd -> is your current path.
  • Macos + bashrc + zsh

    • Macos freaks out with my alias setup for ls, as a result when you ls a warning is shown, to fix this, simply edit ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc (which ever one you are using), and just removed the appropriate aliases, that is, delete the lines with 'ls -Fh --color=auto'. I keep it in the bashrc and zshrc since i dont use MacOS, muh arch linux.


The recommended method of updating the dotfiles is to run,

$ make update

as this will ensure nothing will break, if you simply run git pull, you can break the dotfiles (e.g paths could have changed).


To uninstall, simply type

$ make uninstall

This reset's all your configs to the way they where before you installed, this is achieved through the ~/.backup and ~/.backup/.df* files. Note, the make uninstall only uninstall's the components you selected, that is, say you type make bash, bash configs will be installed, then when you type make uninstall, only the bash configs will be uninstalled and restored, ie other configs (for example vim configs will remain unaffected)


just run this

mkdir repos
cd repos
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~skiqqy/.dotfiles
cd .dotfiles


Bash Config BASH

Zsh Config ZSH

Vim Config VIM