experimenting with visual expression for notes
chore: pull data into separate namespace. Add spec
refactor: extract root-view
chore: update visuals for notes


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nesktop is an experimental playground for ideas about how to display and work with notes in a grahpical UI. A version of nesktop is available to play with - though I can't guarantee that it won't ever be broken. we're in early days

I'd like to focus on things that I haven't seen implemented before, at least mostly. Some of the ideas will have been done before, but I'm unaware. Most of them I have seen talked about or played with, but haven't gone anywhere. I'll try and be clear about where things come from, at least for my own sake.

The project is related to my content-addressable notes idea, the idea being one way of interacting with this repository of notes could be through a locally-run server displaying UI through your browser.

Possibilities, ideas and problems are hosted on a todo tracker - feel free to raise issues if you can think of something interesting.


An incomplete list of influences in no particular order