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    * matrix
    * scuttlebutt

## editable Tree-viewer for RPG maps

* dedicated, structured UI for exploring and creating a pretend space
    * has to be quick enough to use for improvisation in-game
* add locations you can go to from certain places on the fly (new or otherwise)
* list of 'impressions' per location
* list of possible things or people per location
    * can move the people, things around as 'markers' or aide memoir? 
* notes you can attach to any of the above
* view of all locations (as a graph?)
* localstorage import/export
* keyboard shortcuts

## Time-tracking log-writing environment for RPGs

* big date/time thing you set to whatever you want
    * ability to create your own months/years/cycles of whatever
* increment clock by subdivisions with clicks/keyboard shortcuts
* logbook section. Write notes, automatically gets timestamped.
    * logs can auto-increment by a certain amount if you want
    * shortcodes for incrementing before/after a log is made
* store in localstorage. Import time/export log/clear and export log