all my database-driven web apps
ff586833 — Derek Sivers 19 days ago
init nginx configs
6c5bb2d7 — Derek Sivers 19 days ago
temps.expires now default in table definition, instead of in function
af86fbce — Derek Sivers 25 days ago
script to copy data from my old to new schema


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#What is this?

The database and websites by Derek Sivers.


  • blog : dynamic bits of static sive.rs
  • blow : admin of blog
  • mynow : my.nownownow.com
  • now : admin of nownownow.com
  • peeps : admin and CRM of people and emails
  • store : sivers.com store
  • storm : admin of store
  • word0 : translator auditions
  • word1 : translator's translation tool
  • word2 : reviewer's translation tool
  • word3 : editor's translation tool
  • wordy : admin of translations

The name of the admin schemas comes alphabetically after the app it's managing.


Email Derek Sivers at https://sive.rs/contact