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## Contributing

Feel free to open a PR on [GitHub](https://github.com/mataroa-blog/mataroa) or
send an email patch to
Open a PR on [GitHub](https://github.com/mataroa-blog/mataroa).

On how to contribute using email patches see
Send an email patch to
See how to contribute using email patches here:

Also checkout our docs on:

* [Coding Conventions](docs/coding-conventions.md)
* [Git Commit Message Guidelines](docs/commit-messages.md)
* [File Structure Walkthrough](docs/file-structure-walkthrough.md)
* [Dependencies](docs/dependencies.md)
* [Deployment](docs/deployment.md)
* [Server Playbook](docs/server-playbook.md)
* [Admin and Moderation](docs/admin-moderation.md)
* [Database Backup](docs/database-backup.md)
* [Server Migration](docs/server-migration.md)
Read our docs at [docs.mataroa.blog](https://docs.mataroa.blog/)

## Development