[build] fix broken dependencies version lock
[cmd/deploy] ensure permission and cleanup connection after upload
[cmd/deploy] support --port
[cmd/deploy] fix dependencies in pyproject.toml
[cmd/deploy] update deploy to use npm/poetry during build
[assets] switch assets compilation to npm and gulp 4
[build] force inclusion of static files
[doc] fix sr.ht badge
[test] remove debug print
[build] assert build artifacts after test
[chore] improve build output in ci
[chore] modernize python development stack with poetry
[chore] remove final mention about envfile
[chore] cleanup makefile formattings
[chore] remove honcho and procfile

Not maintaining.
[chore] get rid of ad-hoc scripts

Another thing I don't want to maintain
[chore] get rid of ad-hoc .env support

Just use direnv. Period.
[chore] replace prettierrc with editorconfig
[chore] remove pre-commit hooks

Causes more pain than the gains.
[chore] remove build caching