ref: 98796226802a26b82c888365ad5b9cd331006792 fanboi2/fanboi2 d---------
Third time's the charm.
Actually commit sync transaction and update CHANGELOGS.
Add utility for syncing topic bumped at.
Raise minimum body character requirement to 5 characters.
Fix GeoIP2 raising no method error.
Use constant-time comparison function in CSRF check.
Allow post filter to be configured per country.
Allow topic and board to be expanded.
Styling for pages.
Expose status attribute in board API.
Add bumped to API documentation.
Generate thumbnail for YouTube links.
Make Imgur thumbnail extractor no longer extract gallery.
Allow banlist to be scoped by board.
Allow rule override to be scoped.
Add robots.txt internal page.
Always take overrides into consideration when check board status.
Fix a bug where rules are not properly returned for single IP.

Since the `ip_address >> operator` only works for IP classes.
In order to compare both classes and single IP, ``>>=`` operator
should be used instead.
Add scroll to bottom and scroll to top buttons.

And revert the layout of header and footer to be more in line with 0.8.
Support multiple IP addresses in X-Forwarded-For header.