ref: 98796226802a26b82c888365ad5b9cd331006792 fanboi2/examples d---------
Make development provisioning works.
Allow post filter to be configured per country.
Fix SQLAlchemy logging examples.
Add proxy blocker.

Allow proxies to be blocked using either Black Box or GetIPIntel
or both (configurable). Celery initialization has also been changed
to load full Pyramid environment in order to make initialization
Switch to Python 3.5.

As libraries are dropping Python 3.2 support. This change also switched
from PyPy back to CPython since PyPy3.3 is still alpha, and Python 3.5
support is still forthcoming.

Following to this change, libraries are either deprecated, upgraded or
replaced as appropriate. The list includes:

* Replaced IPy with built-in ipaddress module.
* Replaced mock with built-in unittest.mock module.
* Replaced pg8000 with psycopg2.
* Updated Pyramid to 1.7.
* Updated Alembic to 0.8.
* Updated MarkupSafe to latest.
* Updated wtforms to latest.
* Updated coverage to latest.
* Removed Pygments version lock.

Any code that are incompatible with Python 3.5 are also updated.
Project directory restructure.

Move resources out of fanboi2 package into its own "assets" directory
in order to make fanboi2 package consist mostly of Python-related

Sample configuration are also moved to examples/ directory with
a README accordingly.