ref: 98796226802a26b82c888365ad5b9cd331006792 fanboi2/assets d---------
Slight color adjustments.
Styling for pages.
Always left-align appendix.

Since the footer is now always left-align, appendix looks better
when the styling is consistent with the footer.
Generate thumbnail for YouTube links.
Adjust font size in footer links.
Make icons 1px rounded.
Add scroll to bottom and scroll to top buttons.

And revert the layout of header and footer to be more in line with 0.8.
Show selector dropdown on right on tablet+.
Move board selector icon back to left.
Make tappable area in cascade the whole cascade item in tablet+.
Fix a bug where URL topic URL get rewritten.

When user make a reply on /board/1234 page, previous regex will
mistakenly recognize the number as post number rather than topic
and will try to append latest post number to it.
Template and styling cleanups.

* Move board navigation button to the right in mobile.
* Remove duplicated API documentation.
Add page model and views.

Allow creation of custom pages that may be use to store static content
such as guidelines or deletion policies. There also exists an
"internal pages" that are used for site customization.

Currently two internal pages are available:

* global_css — custom CSS that applies to every page.
* global_appendix — area that appear on top of footer on every page.

Any number of pages may be created.
Cleanup components and README.

* Update README for current development process.
* Enable strictNullChecks in TypeScript and update accordingly.
* Use new naming convention for element variables in TypeScript.
Add quick reply.

Restoring the quick reply functionality that allow user to click on the
post number to open a reply popover, or insert anchor to textarea if one
already exists in the page.

This commit mark feature parity with version 0.8.3.
Move attachErrors and detachErrors into utils.
Switch topic components to use event passing.

In order to allow better behavior sharing between topic components. For
example after a post is created, topic may be reloaded, we can now share
the same reloading behavior as when the user click the reload button.
Make post number a link

Restoring previous behavior.
Component cleanups.

* Cleanup className manipulation in components.
* Consolidate loadingState tracking to its own class.
* Throttle resize event to reduce resource usage.
Add component for inline reply.

Restore the ability to reply within the topic page without redirection.
The topic will also load new posts upon successful reply.