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Switch to Python 3.5.

As libraries are dropping Python 3.2 support. This change also switched
from PyPy back to CPython since PyPy3.3 is still alpha, and Python 3.5
support is still forthcoming.

Following to this change, libraries are either deprecated, upgraded or
replaced as appropriate. The list includes:

* Replaced IPy with built-in ipaddress module.
* Replaced mock with built-in unittest.mock module.
* Replaced pg8000 with psycopg2.
* Updated Pyramid to 1.7.
* Updated Alembic to 0.8.
* Updated MarkupSafe to latest.
* Updated wtforms to latest.
* Updated coverage to latest.
* Removed Pygments version lock.

Any code that are incompatible with Python 3.5 are also updated.
Make Travis test passed again.
Merge pull request #6 from pxfs/feature/new-provision

Simplify development box provisioning with Vagrant
* Closes #5.
Setup application in provisioning and PyPy3 support.

The provisioning script now creates the database, setup the application
in development mode including installing its requirement as well as
removing some package not compatible with PyPy3 and replace it with
equivalent that actually works.
Nah, let's not do it.
Let's bite the bullet and test on 3.3 too.

Screw the let's-drop-3.2-support-and-support-3.3 movement and everything
about it. Let's make our code at least 3.3 compatible.
Merge branch 'feature/ansible' into develop
Delegate deployment username from config. Update Travis notification.
Setup Travis CI, delegate test database from environment.