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Switch to Python 3.5.

As libraries are dropping Python 3.2 support. This change also switched
from PyPy back to CPython since PyPy3.3 is still alpha, and Python 3.5
support is still forthcoming.

Following to this change, libraries are either deprecated, upgraded or
replaced as appropriate. The list includes:

* Replaced IPy with built-in ipaddress module.
* Replaced mock with built-in unittest.mock module.
* Replaced pg8000 with psycopg2.
* Updated Pyramid to 1.7.
* Updated Alembic to 0.8.
* Updated MarkupSafe to latest.
* Updated wtforms to latest.
* Updated coverage to latest.
* Removed Pygments version lock.

Any code that are incompatible with Python 3.5 are also updated.
Use Typings instead of TSD.

TSD is now deprecated. See also GitHub issue:
Project directory restructure.

Move resources out of fanboi2 package into its own "assets" directory
in order to make fanboi2 package consist mostly of Python-related

Sample configuration are also moved to examples/ directory with
a README accordingly.
Use npm to manage vendor assets and add tsd.

Vendor assets are now managed by npm and bundled using browserify
instead of concating files inside vendor/ directory. This change
should allow for much cleaner and easier package management.

TypeScript definitions are now loaded using tsd instead of placing
a file inside vendor/ except for whatwg-fetch which need a little
modification to support ES2015 Promise.
Merge pull request #6 from pxfs/feature/new-provision

Simplify development box provisioning with Vagrant
* Closes #5.
Setup application in provisioning and PyPy3 support.

The provisioning script now creates the database, setup the application
in development mode including installing its requirement as well as
removing some package not compatible with PyPy3 and replace it with
equivalent that actually works.
Ignore all host files except development hosts.

Preparation for test.fanboi.ch "staging" host.
Merge branch 'develop' into feature/experiment-view2
Ignore all production files, remove mosh.
Initial setup for production server.
Merge branch 'feature/ansible' into develop
Update README and add genconfig for generating settings.ini.

Since configurations are now managed by Ansible, we still need a way
to allow non-Vagrant-user to get on with development. genconfig.py
is added to generate settings.ini and alembic.ini with sensible
defaults for localhost development.
Fix UTF-8 error in Puppet script.

Due to Puppet bug, PostgreSQL database is initialized with SQL_ASCII
instead of UTF8 by default and caused our app to error when dealing
with real UTF8 data. This commit workaround on Puppet side and force
encoding on client side.
Merge branch 'feature/remove-bootstrap' into develop
New partial implementation of basic layout (header, footer).
Switch to use Brunch for assets compilation.

Brunch replaces Makefile, watch and all r.js in assets compilation
process. It should be more extensible and cleaner than Makefile
Switch to use Beaker for session factory.

UnencryptedCookieSessionFactoryConfig is now replaced with Beaker
session. Session type is defaults to file.
Merge branch 'feature/vagrant-setup' into develop
Documentation update, setup project as vagrant user, few more stuff.

* Ensure apt-get update is run before installing any packages.
* Update documentation for setting up with Vagrant.
* Reduce Python requirement to 3.2.
* Setup project as vagrant user instead of root.
Initial Vagrant/Puppet environment setup.

Currently using system package (which is Python 3.2 that fails to run
the app due to lack of ipaddress module). Psycopg2 is replaced with
Pg8000 due to an installation bug. Bootstrapping the environment works
up to python setup.py develop.