Tune the scaled rate limit algorithm a bit more
Tune rate limiter parameters
Fix topic creation with IPv6

Closes #15
Introduce dynamic post delay threshold
Fix GitHub ssh host key
Fix build mirror secret
Add flake to ease the pain of installing dependencies
Properly setup logging in ctl

setup_logger used to be called as part of wsgi.py, but since we've
dropped wsgi.py in favor for directly calling config.make_wsgi_app
setup_logger was not properly added to ctl.py resulting in the
log be completely absent.
Rename vendor to tools
Move csrf configuration into core.csrf
Make fbctl serve in dev actually reload
Fix color for post shortened text

Need to be consistent with post-header due to post shortened text being displayed right
before the post timestamp on mobile. Inconsistent color here cause the styling looks a
bit jarring.
Remove hover state for js-button-loading

This was no longer used and is now making indicator invisible on hover
Improve readability for pages
Disable thread_local_lock in dogpile

Per Dogpile warning:

    UserWarning: The Redis backend thread_local_lock parameter
    should be set to False when distributed_lock is True
Move toolbox to appendix

- Layout looks so much nicer when appendix is always present; still torn about this
  decision of mixing editable content with built-in (code-side) content, but let's do
  this for now.

- Display current version in place of "Source code" link to ease debugging.
Styling consistency and fixes

- Reduce color intensity of post header; having three colors in a single line looked
  more jarring than I'd hoped to. Emphasis on date was unimportant, so they're now set
  to the same color.

- Make date part in post header bold in both Obsidian and Topaz theme to make both
  themes a little bit more consistent (& prepare to switch to CSS variables).

- Make link in appendix also bold in Obsidian.
Update API documentation timestamp
Mention ident_v6 in API documentation

And the reason why IPv6 has ident_v6 instead of reusing standard ident type
Fix styling for js-button-loading

Setting this to color-brand makes the indicator invisible.