assets: fix promise type error during compilation
chore: split cache/non-cache tagged static path

Requests aren't supposed to read settings directly. Settings can never change
during a lifetime of a server so it make more sense to do this during init.
chore: fix build & build badge
chore: periodic package upgrade
chore: replace gunicorn with waitress again
chore: relicense to AGPLv3

Any changes before this commit are still considered BSD-3-Clause.
templates: display ident_v6 as ID6
services/post: add ident_v6 for ipv6 support
filters/proxy: skip proxy check for ipv6
filters/dnsbl: support ipv6
chore: update vagrant bootstrap
chore: fix build failure due to python version change
chore: disable build until 20q1 provision
chore: update deps to latest version
[build] create venv before building
[build] update deps, add python-language-server
[build] mirror to github
[build] also include alembic.ini in sdist
[cmd/deploy] switch fbdeploy to use python -m venv
[services/scope] inline STRING_INNER

The implementation changed in newer Lark version.