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[etc/emacs] enable flycheck for sh
[etc/emacs] add polymode and poly-ansible
[etc/desktop] cleanup font configurations


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This repository hosts my personal dotfiles as well as machine provisioning and workflow scripts. This repository come with no warranty. It may wipe your boot disk, eat your pet, etc. I like to experiment with my setup and this repository reflect that. Use it at your own risk.

  • FreeBSD: status
  • Ubuntu: status
  • Arch Linux: status


$ mkdir -p $HOME/.dotfiles
$ cd $HOME/.dotfiles
$ curl -sSL | tar -xvzf - --strip-components=1
$ ./

How it works

The primary endpoint of this repository is, which is a shell script written in POSIX sh. The script is used to setup packages, configuring current user environment, and configuring the system.

The script has few configurations available, namely:

  • Profile: a script entrypoint
  • Flavor: a feature flag used in the profile
  • Lookup path: a path to discover a profile

The script itself does nothing but handling arguments and dispatching to an appropriate entrypoint script located in libexec/bootstrap at each lookup path location. The script to be executed will depends on the name of the profile and the operating it is running.

For example, running a pkg profile (-p pkg) on macOS that has lookup path of /foo and /bar (-l /foo -l /bar) will result in /foo/libexec/bootstrap/ and /bar/libexec/bootstrap/ getting called. will also pass flavors as script arguments and the entrypoint script may selectively install packages according to the flavor.



I like to make my system reproducible. I mostly work on iPad Pro, by using to remote into a workspace running FreeBSD or Artix Linux depending on the phase of the moon. I also work on macOS sometimes, and I like to be able to run a single command to get everything in sync.

Why not Ansible?

The script is in fact evolved from Ansible! Ansible has serve this repository well for several years, however to use Ansible to bootstrap the current system from scratch require some sort of shell script to bootstrap Ansible and the packaging system itself.

This led to a problem: I need to have half of the bootstrap process in shell script and another half in Ansible. For example, in case of Darwin (macOS), I need to install SDK, install MacPorts, install Python 3 and install Ansible from a shell script to be able to provision a local machine.

One day, I thought, why don't I try to do everything in shell script? POSIX sh, even, to ensure compatibility. The result is the current incarnation of this repository.

What is .dotpriv?

.dotpriv is a private dotfiles repository that supplement this repository using lookup path mechanism described in How it works. It contained configurations not published here due to privacy and security reasons.


Public domain