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#Ansible Roles

This repository hosts a personal collection of Ansible roles for OpenBSD hosts. These are common configurations that I use in my own servers in various projects. To use this repository, add the following line to your requirements.yml:

- src: git+https://git.sr.ht/~sirn/ansible-openbsd
  version: master
  name: openbsd-roles

Then you can refer the role in playbook with, for example:

- hosts: openbsd
      - import_role:
            name: openbsd-roles/openbsd-pf

Roles in this repository doesn't do process supervision (yet, partially because s6 supervision suite is not available under pkg).


These roles configure packages in base:

  • openbsd-hardening — performs a basic hardening
  • openbsd-openntpd — sets up the OpenNTPd daemon
  • openbsd-pf — sets up the pf firewall

These roles are for pkg-installed packages:

#See also

  • ansible-freebsd — Personal collection of Ansible roles for FreeBSD hosts.