Ansible role for tuning FreeBSD host
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Tune FreeBSD with few common configurations.

  • TCP: switch congestion control algorithm (default: htcp)
  • TCP: several TCP tunings
  • Sysctl: enable usermount
  • Sysctl: adjust maxfiles/maxvnodes


tuning_cc_algorithm: htcp

Must be one of:

  • chd see man 4 cc_chd
  • cubic see man 4 cc_cubic
  • hd see man 4 cc_hd
  • newreno see man 4 cc_newreno
  • vegas see man 4 cc_vegas
  • htcp see man 4 cc_htcp

When set to htcp, adaptive backoff and RTT scaling will be turned on by default.

tuning_disable_tsc_calibration: false

Disable TSC calibration; this may be needed in some cloud services when clock become out of sync.

tuning_vfs_usermount: false

Enable user to run mount (e.g. in case of FUSE or CDROM)

tuning_soacceptqueue: 1024

Adjust the size of the listen queue for accepting new TCP connections. To adjust this variable, run netstat -Lan and take notice of qlen. If qlen is higher than maxqlen then consider raising tuning_soacceptqueue. Note that at certain point (e.g. > 4096) it might make more sense to solve throughput on the application side instead of keep raising this value.