adds thanks and lots of adjustments (thanks phil9)
adds manpage installation

surprisingly easily. rules already exist. Plan 9 is love
removes old readme, adds samplerules, adds man-readme

see samplerules for sample configuration. see (rendered) man page for usage info
adds rudimentary plumbto man page
renames Readme.md -> README.md
adds basic readme.
adds MIT license
adds files

this adds mkfile and plumbto.c source code.
The project works already, you need the channel in your plumb rules

	echo plumb to chanselect >> /mnt/plumb/rules

the messages need destination to this channel, as well as the attribute:


Whenever a message arrives there, the window pops up and you can click the
correct destination channel (these are buttons). The message is altered (the
channels attribute is removed) and delivered.