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# plumbto

*aka: Make plumber usable with multiple destination channels without changing plumb links too much.*

This application provides a GUI for selecting the destination channel for plumb messages.

The incoming plumb messages need to be sent to the `chanselect` channel.
They also need to contain a valid `channels` attribute with a comma separated list of possible destination channels.

To combine this in a plumb command: `plumb -d chanselect -a 'channels=chan1,chan2'`.

Of course the channel(s) must exist.
You can run `echo plumb to chanselect >> /mnt/plumb/rules` to create the chanselect channel.

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# sample /mnt/plumb/rules

plumb to chanselect
plumb to image
plumb to imageedit

type	is	text
data	matches	'[a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_\-.,/]+'
data	matches	'([a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_\-.,/]+)\.(jpe?g|JPE?G|gif|GIF|tiff?|TIFF?|ppm|PPM|bit|BIT|png|PNG|pgm|PGM|bmp|BMP|yuv|YUV)'
arg	isfile	$0
attr	add	channels=image,imageedit
plumb	to	chanselect

# have a listener on image and imageedit