Displays keys being pressed on a Wayland session
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Displays keypresses on screen on supported Wayland compositors (requires wlr_layer_shell_v1 support).



  • cairo
  • libinput
  • pango
  • udev
  • wayland
  • xkbcommon
$ meson build
$ ninja -C build
# ninja -C build install
# chmod a+s /usr/bin/wshowkeys

wshowkeys must be configured as setuid during installation. It requires root permissions to read input events. These permissions are dropped after startup.


wshowkeys [-b|-f|-s #RRGGBB[AA]] [-F font] [-t timeout]
    [-a top|left|right|bottom] [-m margin] [-o output]
  • -b #RRGGBB[AA]: set background color
  • -f #RRGGBB[AA]: set foreground color
  • -s #RRGGBB[AA]: set color for special keys
  • -F font: set font (Pango format, e.g. 'monospace 24')
  • -t timeout: set timeout before clearing old keystrokes
  • -a top|left|right|bottom: anchor the keystrokes to an edge. May be specified twice.
  • -m margin: set a margin (in pixels) from the nearest edge
  • -o output: request wshowkeys is shown on the specified output (unimplemented)