ref: 5cf3c7b3977fa8ee54fcadc81942de6253f05a20 wio/input.c -rw-r--r-- 13.3 KiB
Use *cursor in view_begin_interative()

The variable is passed to the function but was not used. I assume it is
intended to be used.
End Delete when background is selected

Selecting the background for deletion when there are no windows open
resulted in the menu stopped working.
Pull input device config from environment
"Add" "HiDPI" "support"
Implement "new" menu option
Implement interactive delete
Implement interactive resize
Don't pass wio pointer events to clients

So that things like starting an interactive move don't translate to
right clicking your application
Implement interactive move
Pass keyboard events to clients
Implement basic menu interactions with mouse
Pass pointer events through to clients
Add basic input rigging