9023e006f51a37b4ee84b42966aeeaa4f6fd44c5 — Brandon Pollack 9 months ago c7244f9
Fixed a small typo that passed in an implementation where wl_interface was expected.

I scratched my head for a minute then double checked the Weston and
Chromium Exo implementations to make sure, but it looks like this should
be like this instead.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M src/registry/server-side.md
M src/registry/server-side.md => src/registry/server-side.md +1 -1
@@ 64,7 64,7 @@ wl_output_handle_bind(struct wl_client *client, void *data,
    struct my_output *client_output = calloc(1, sizeof(struct client_output));

    struct wl_resource *resource = wl_resource_create(
        client, &wl_output_implementation, wl_output_interface.version, id);
        client, &wl_output_interface, wl_output_interface.version, id);

    wl_resource_set_implementation(resource, &wl_output_implementation,
        client_output, wl_output_handle_resource_destroy);