Remove MailMate from setup section

It has correct settings by default and is recommended
Add missing double quote
Remove Lumail from recommended clients

The lumail.org domain seems to have been hijacked by something that is
clearly not a mail client.

Signed-off-by: Taavi Väänänen <hi@taavi.wtf>
Remove KMail from setup section

It has correct settings by default and is recommended.
Update instructions for FairEmail
Update instructions for Outlook Web
Fix a few inconsistencies
Update Spanish translation
Correctly state the wrapping behaviour of Gmail.

In plain text mode, Gmail wraps messages
at 78 characters when sending them.
Add neatmail
Add bower
Update K-9 instructions to match recent UI changes
mu4e: add to list of recommended email clients for plaintext users.
Update format=flowed status for K-9 mail

This is based on feedback from Mrlin[0] and K-9 developer[1].  Currently
K-9 does not properly support format=flowed and is unlikely to in the

[0] https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/public-inbox/%3CD18C56A8-F216-4390-8680-B49D64C79F34%40nixnetmail.com%3E
[1] https://forum.k9mail.app/t/k-9-mail-is-not-sending-format-flowed-for-plain-text-nor-hard-wrapping/1086/6
Apple Mail does not support wrapping
Updated the list to include MailMate
81f6c1a7 — Steven Guikal 1 year, 2 months ago
Remove extra space and use proper arrow character
Use HTML <li> elements
Add how to compose in plain text with Microsoft Outlook (Web)

Change the default message format and save the preference.
Move Apple Mail up the list