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## Running

Here are some examples to get you started:

Using the IMAP authentication backend and the filesystem storage backend
(directory must exist), listening on port 8080 on all interfaces:
(directory must exist), listening on port 8080 on all interfaces, with debug
logs enabled:

./tokidoki -addr ":8080" -auth.url imaps://imap.example.com:993 -storage.url file:///path/to/storage -log.debug

Using the PAM authentication backend and TLS:

* `./tokidoki -addr ":8080" -auth.url imaps://imap.example.com:993 -storage.url file:///path/to/storage -debug`
./tokidoki -addr ":8080" -auth.url pam:// -storage.url file:///path/to/storage -cert cert.pem -key key.pem

Tokidoki does not support HTTPS at this time, use a reverse TLS proxy if
Regular logs are sent to stderr, HTTP logs are sent to stdout. Structured
logging can be enabled for the regular logs with `-log.json`.

## Clients